Special Needs

Great Expectations Together, Inc. recognizes that social inclusion is successful with the access to additional resources and programs for family members and caregivers.

Caregiver support groups

Great Expectations Together, Inc. understands the importance of support within the disability community. We aim to create a space for discussions that can bridge the feelings of isolation between the disability community and the community at large.  A safe environment moderated by our social workers focuses on managing the challenges, celebrating the milestones, and exploring topics including coping strategies and resilience.


Sibling support groups

We provide a warm and nurturing environment for siblings to express the joys and frustrations of having a sibling with special needs. Siblings are grouped by age and their groups are framed in a context that is both appropriate and supportive of their feelings and expressions. Our sibling support groups are developed and moderated by skilled social workers that understand the specific family and social dynamics that are part of the life experience of having a sibling with special needs.


Organizing documentation

We at Great Expectations Together, Inc. understand that the medical and educational documentation for your loved one with a disability can be overwhelming. We offer organizational strategies based on your preference of digital versus paper filing. These workshops also focus on various resources to manage your child’s schedule of therapies, appointments, and meetings.


Educational Support

Whether you are a newly getting acquainted to special education or have been through years of the educational system on behalf of your loved one, Great Expectations Together, Inc. offers a quarterly meeting for all things special education. Guest speakers will be scheduled to review a range of topics geared to making the best educational goals and decisions to help your loved one meet his/her maximum potential. We will also discuss techniques to bring your child's team together to work as the best functional unit to meet the goals of your child’s programming.  Learn more.


Caregivers at the Center

A monthly caregiver hour-long retreat will be offered for families and caregivers for individuals with disabilities, special needs, and learning differences. These dedicated social gatherings will be a welcome respite for relaxation and socialization. From massages, tai chi, movie showings and more, our focus is on taking care of caregivers. Refresh, recharge, take a well-deserved break, and let us facilitate the details.  Learn more.