We invite you to participate in the unique groups and programs for infants and their caregivers. Our clients can reap the benefits of inclusion from the very start of life!

What sets Great Expectations Together, Inc. apart from other community centers is that we know how to make social inclusion successful! While participants are always welcome to bring their own aid or caregiver, our staff can provide each participant with as little or as much support as needed. Our class sizes are small to minimize sensory overload and our staff is trained for de-escalation with soothing sensory techniques and equipment if needed.

Inclusion across the lifespan



Our art programs extend from family-based crafting to instructional courses including painting, anime, and jewelry design. All of our art courses are tailored to the individual participant as needed to create inclusion across skill level and ability. 



Music is a universal language and courses are designed to bring out the individual musical talent in everyone! Courses encourage collaborative group work on a variety of instruments to bring our participants together to learn!



Relax and unwind in our café as you young one enjoys open play time with friends. A $10 entrance fee per participant gets you access to our fun and sensory-stimulating play center, encouraging play and exploration.



Bring you baby and learn the techniques and benefits of infant massage. Infant massages not only strengthen bonding with your baby, but has also been shown to aid your infant with digestion, soothing colic, and improve sleep. Our Certified Educator of Infant Massage will lead this course in our community space, complete with all the comforts of home. You and your child will enjoy the relaxation and comfort that we offer in this six-week session. 

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