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Music is a universal language and platform for expression and exploration that has benefits across the lifespan. Join us for expression and education with our exceptional music programs.



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Music and sign are fun ways to enhance your child's development in many areas. Led by a Speech-Language Pathologist, we will participate in musical activities together to promote: communication, language, listening, motor skills, social and emotional development, and creativity. Best of all, when sharing and enjoying music together, your child will bond with you. We welcome the whole family - siblings, parents, grandparents, nannies - to enjoy us and learn songs, signs and activities to enjoy here and at home

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In this program, elementary schoolers let their musical creativity flourish through music games, hands on activities, and music storytelling. Participants learn the fundamentals of music and develop their fine motor skills, all while playing and collaborating with friends! Each class includes time for free expression in our outdoor musical garden- a favorite for all participants!



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A great fit for late elementary and middle schoolers, each meeting of this program consists of an in-class ensemble rehearsal and an interactive lesson on a special musical topic. The ensemble will play on an array of in-class instruments, allowing each individual to develop their skills while playing together as a group. No prior musical experience necessary- everyone has something to learn and plenty to contribute! Interactive lessons include topics like a Sound Scavenger Hunt, The Science of Sound, Music and Art, Writing Your Own Music, and much more!