Features Overview


Creative Expressions

At Great Expectations Together, Inc. we are proud to offer fun and innovative programs to share experiences through creative expression, as well as foster friendships through collaborative and inclusive group programs.


Creative Arts

Art lets us express ourselves in many ways and allows our feelings and emotions to be put onto paper for others to see. In this class, we will encourage each other to express ourselves by freestyle painting and exploring different ways to create and mix colors. This program allows children in elementary school to experiment with different types of medium of paint and work with objects to create textures as well. Projects will include group murals where the class will work together, as well as create their own work to take home and showcase.  Learn more.

Mixed Media Arts

This course is ideal for students in middle school and high school who have great passion for art and are looking to learn more and experiment for personal interests. The class will explore art using various tools (brushes, stencils, etc.) All works of the individuals will be showcased in the center to the public where they can be recognized. No experience necessary! Have fun, create what makes you happy and explore!  Learn more.



All Things Art

Create for yourself and your home or make gifts to give friends! In this course adults explore different types of mediums in drawing and painting with (charcoal, ink, watercolor, acrylic, and other various materials) to create their own work. This class will focus on learning about all styles of art, from Abstract to Surrealism. In addition to painting, the course will also introduce three-dimensional art such as, collages, building structures, and arts and crafts for home décor. No experience necessary, just have fun!  Learn more.

Lights Camera Action !

Theater is a powerful tool for communication and self expression. Our theater class sparks creativity, flexible thinking, confidence and interpersonal relationships for individuals of all abilities. Classes are geared toward the interest and strengths of our students with opportunities to explore movement, masks, and vocal exercises all culminating in a group performance. Classes are led by trained theater artists with training and passion for bringing out the very best in everyone.  Learn more.