Our Story


Great Expectations Together, Inc.

is a dream of Brooke and Jon Goodspeed's that began in 2010, shortly after the birth of their second child, Oliver.

Oliver has multiple developmental disabilities, along with several medical conditions. While the Goodspeeds have found immeasurable personal growth and joy in raising Oliver and his siblings, they have also experienced first-hand the challenges that are a part of raising a child with special needs. Enlightened with a clearer  understanding of the stigma, misconceptions, and discrimination that individuals with disabilities and their loved ones face, the Goodspeeds have spent several years strategizing how to influence change surrounding these issues. The Goodspeeds, along with a team of dedicated and inspired community members, have acquired a vision of acceptance and inclusion that would grow in the Greater Philadelphia area. As united group, our team has designed a community space that fosters diverse and inclusive programs to foster successful community and social inclusion for individuals of ALL AGES and ALL ABILITIES!

Our team understands the invaluable contributions that members of the disability community have to offer and we invite you to join us to learn, be inspired, grow, and influence change.