Community Outreach

Inclusion extends beyonds the walls of our center

What sets GET apart from other infant, toddler and preschool play groups is our commitment to providing programs in a warm environment so every child can flourish through exploration and socialization. Our clients can reap the benefits of inclusion from the very start of life!


sensitivity workshops and training

Backed by the most current data and training, our team of dedicated experts are committed to spreading awareness and understanding surrounding the topics related to the disability population. We offer disability sensitivity training for groups, employers, and organizations seeking a better understanding of how to support social inclusion within their community network. Invite us to speak at your organization, school, or corporation or bring your group for training and informative workshops held at our center in Narberth.  Learn more.

Partnering with other organizations

At Great Expectations Together, Inc., our core values of respecting and learning from one another has led us to collaborative efforts with organizations who share our views and support our mission. We are thrilled to have partnered with local organizations including the Stepping Stones Therapeutics, LLC., the Philadelphia Independence Network (PIN) and the Wolf Performing Arts Center along with supporting individual graduate student research projects and individual community service projects. We enjoy learning from other organizations and value the power of supporting like-minded organizations to influence change in our society. Contact us to explore if your organization is interested in collaboration.
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Participation in Narberth Community

We love all things Narberth from our neighbors to music and arts fest to annual events including the Narberth Witch Hunt, Dickens Festival, and supporting the small businesses that make our town so unique.  Learn more.


Educational and therapeutic activites

At Great Expectations Together, Inc., we pride ourself on our resources to help community members find the very best in local services and national resources to assist individuals and families in need of support or referrals to our trusted service providers. We are here to help in any and every way we can to support each individual reach their maximum potential in society.